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Episode 90: BBW Porn and Fat Politics

Recording from a Peepshow Live event, hosted by Jessie Sage and Courtney Trouble. They talk to guests Shy Spells, April Flores, and Destiny Diaz and fat politics and BBW porn.

Episode 79: Peepshow Live: Sex Work and Self Care

This is a a recording of a live panel on sex work and self care. We have four panelists who talk about everything from addiction and recovery, to counseling and therapy, to creating a reasonable schedule, to work life balance as a sex worker.

Episode 76: Coming Out as a Sex Worker

This is a special collaboration between The Oldest Profession Podcast and Peepshow Podcast in honor of December 17th.

Kaytlin Bailey and Jessie Sage share and talk about the brave coming out stories contributed by members of our sex work community. 

Episode 73: Siri Dahl from After Adult Podcast

This week we are doing a joint episode with After Adult Podcast. We have on Siri Dahl from the After Adult Podcast, and we talk about porn, podcasting, politics, and place.   Check out this episode!

Episode 71: Old Pros with Kaytlin Bailey

In the 71st episode of the Peepshow Podcast, Jessie Sage talks to Kaytlin Bailey from the Oldest Profession Podcast about their relaunch. They also discuss sex work politics, old pros, sex magic, coming out, and family. Also on this episode, PJ and Jessie reflect on the election results. Check out this episode!

Episode 70: After Dark: Halloween with Luna Grae

In this special Halloween After Dark episode, Courtney Trouble and Jessie Sage talk to Luna Grae, aka Oppaibby, about cosplay, costuming, set design, and more! 

Episode 69: Phone Sex, Fantasy, and Fetishes with Felicia Fisher

This week Felicia Fisher, a phone sex operator, cam model, and fetish clip producer, talks to us about how she got into sex work, her career and kinks, and the new documentary that she’s featured in, “The Odd World of Felicia Fisher.”

Peepshow Live: Disability and Sex Work

The second edition of Peepshow Live features a live panel discussion on the intersection of sex work and disability. Co-hosted by Courtney Trouble and PJ Sage, the panel included BodyXBlunts, GoAskAlex, and Carnegie Velvet.

Episode 67: After Dark with Courtney Trouble

As a lively after dark convo, Courtney Trouble and Jessie Sage talk about sex work, academia, queer porn, sex toys, anal, and more! You don’t want to miss this one! 

Episode 66: Labor Day Special: The Cost of Providing Emotional Labor as a Sex Worker with Reese Piper

It’s Labor Day, and this week we are focusing on the long-term impact of providing emotional labor as a sex worker. Jessie Sage talks to Reese Piper about an article she wrote for Peepshow Media, The Cost of Feigning Intimacy at Work. The article is a reflection on how taking a break from stripping during the pandemic forced her to recognize the toll sex work has had on her emotional life.   

Bonus Episode: Peepshow Live, Virtual DIY Porn Panel

The first “Peepshow Live” features DIY content creators and sex workers who will share useful skills and practices for indie porn makers, professionals, and artists. We will also discuss how creating and selling DIY content fits into the lives of creators. Moderated by Jessie Sage, PJ Sage, and Courtney Trouble, this DIY Porn Panel will feature indie porn makers SpookyFatBrat, Gwen Adora, Rooster, and Dominique Rystan on what works for them, with attention paid to the process of content creation and working within the framework of a pandemic. Check out this episode!

Episode 62: Tina Horn on Sex Work and Dystopian Near-Futures

We talk to Tina Horn about her new comic series SFSX (Safe Sex), the dystopian near-future it envisions, and how it relates to recent events. We also discuss the craft of writing and the transferable skills developed through sex work.

Bonus Episode: Nonmonogamy Chat with Jessie and Nookie

In this bonus episode, Jessie Sage talks to Nookie, founder of Dating Kinky, about nonmonogamy at the opening of the 2-day “It’s Not Cheating, It’s Ethical Nonmonogamy” virtual conference. 

Episode 59: Why Should We Care About the EARN IT Act with Danielle Blunt

We interview Danielle Blunt, professional dominatrix, sex worker rights advocate, and co-founder of Hacking//Hustling, a collective that works at the intersection of technology and social justice. We discuss the EART IT Act and how important it is to protect online spaces for marginalized communities.

Episode 57: Mickey Mod on Racism in Porn

In Episode 57 of the Peepshow Podcast we focus on the porn industry. Mike Stabile of the Free Speech Coalition updates us on the new COVID guidelines and on Talent Testing Service pulling out of the PASS System. Then, we talk to performer and director Mickey Mod about racism in the porn industry.

Episode 53: Consent and Sexualized Leisure at AVN

In Episode 53 we bring you a recording from the panel Consent and Sexualized Leisure at AVN. Lynn Comella moderates this discussion about how consent is negotiated on the showroom floor with performers Katy Jayne and jessica drake, and scholars Barb Brents and Paul Maginn.

Episode 51: Cindy Gallop on Sex Tech Innovation and the Value of Labor

Episode 51 features an interview with Cindy Gallop, CEO of Make Love Not Porn, a site devoted to social sexuality. We discuss how COVID-19 is spurring sextech innovation and highlighting how carework has been undervalued. We also discuss the relaunch of Make Love Not Porn.

Additionally, we talk about the first Women of Sex Tech Virtual Conference, where Cindy Gallop and Jessie Sage were both speakers.

Episode 49: Sex Work and Family

In Episode 49 we focus on family and sexuality.  We talk to sex workers and parents Kym Cutter and Natalie Brewster Nguyen about raising kids in community with other sex workers. We also interview Elizabeth Ann Wood, author of Bound: A Daughter, a Domme, and an End-of-Life Story, about caring for her dominatrix mother at the end of her mother’s life.

Episode 48: Woodhull’s Legal Challenge to FOSTA/SESTA

Episode 48 is the second in a series of episodes recorded at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. This episode focuses on the summit itself, as well as Woodhull’s current legal challenge to FOSTA/SESTA.

Episode 47: Aging and Sexuality: Normalizing Senior Sex

Episode 47 is the first in a series of episodes recorded at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. This episode focuses on a film that premiered at the summit: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex, a sexually explicit instructional video on senior sex.

Episode 45: XBIZ Miami with Destiny Diaz and Riley Nicks

Episode 45 is a special XBIZ Miami episode. We will be featuring an interview with XBIZ’s BBW Clip Artist of the year, Destiny Diaz. We talk about navigating conventions, work/life balance, her tutorials for other sex workers, her new series Tinder Tales.

We also start out talk briefly to Riley Nicks as she travels home from her first sex industry convention. She talks about finding community, shooting VR porn, and more!

Episode 44: Lena Paul on Consent and Trauma Informed Porn

In Episode 44, we are honored to have porn performer and director Lena Paul with us. She explains why it was important for her to cut her ties with Evil Angel following the news of James Deen’s return in a forthcoming docu-porno called Consent. We also talk about creating trauma informed porn sets, and approaching our work with vulnerability and openness.

In our news segment, we catch up on the work that we have been doing, including podcast appearances and new articles. We also preview the “Sexual Suppression” panel that Peepshow Podcast will be hosting this week at Theorizing the Web in Queens, NYC.

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